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Jeremiah Cole’s Miltary Service

Jeremiah Cole served in the Creek and Civil Wars. He belonged to the Carroll Rangers during the Creek War and to Company I, 56th Georgia Infantry during the battle between the states. The 56th Infantry Regiment was formed from the following counties:

  • Company A - Campbell & Coweta Counties  
  • Company B - Carroll County  
  • Company C - Carroll County  
  • Company D - Hall County  
  • Company E - Fulton County  
  • Company F - Cobb County  
  • Company G - Milton County  
  • Company H - Carroll County 
  • Company I - Carroll County  
  • Company K - Heard County.

In the beginning of his service, Jeremiah Cole was a private in an appraisement of the Carroll Rangers’ property in July 1836 during the Creek War (Captain Wagnon, Camp Thomas). They had been fighting hostile Indians in Florida -- and the officers made an appraisal to evaluate the horses at the end of their campaign to see how many would make it home. The troops’ property included horses, saddles, and guns, and on this particular date, John Long, 1st Lt., Volunteer Burnett, 2nd Lt., and Mathew Reid, Ensign, initiated the evaluation. John Long, Valentine Burnett, and Mathew Reid sign their signatures to the document. The list included the kind of horse a soldier used, the age of the horse, the price of the horse, the price of the saddle, and the price of the gun.

Private: Jeremiah Cole, Bay H, age 7, $90, $18, $10
Jeremiah continued to climb in rank as he served his country. My mother once came across a record that stated Jeremiah became 1st Lieutenant during the years 20 June 1834 and 5 July 1837. Later another record stated Jeremiah became a Captain.

J.I.C.,Carroll Co.,Capt. - Carroll co., Ga. 19 Mar 1838 MR., 1829 - 1841; 15 Jan 1845 to 6 Jan 1849

The 56th Georgia Infantry participated in many skirmishes. The army split the regiment and attached it to other units as the war progressed. The following is a list of the battles in which they participated.  The regiment surrendered at Bentonville, North Carolina.

Nashville, TN
Franklin, TN
Edisto Railroad Bridge, SC (February 7,1865)
Binnaker's Bridge, SC (February 9, 1865)
Orangeburg, SC (February 12,1865)
Bentonville, NC (March 19-21, 1865

Almost all of Jeremiah's sons served in the Civil War as well.


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