Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jeremiah Cole’s Children

I sometimes wish I had access to Jeremiah’s life through a tunnel that stretches all the way back in time. Piecing the parts of his life together from the hundreds of sources on the Internet is haphazard at best. Take Jeremiah’s children. One source says he only had twelve children, yet from the various letters, books, and documentation I’ve studied about his life, I have managed to come up with sixteen possible offspring. That’s where I need the readers' help. Maybe one of you has better sources or stories passed down through the family that can straighten out the muddle.

Below is my list:

1. Rebecca Cole born about 1805 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Henry L. Jones about 1825 Carroll County, Georgia 

2. Luduska Cole born 1816 Laurens, County, South Carolina; married Daniel Jones 9 Mar 1837 Carroll County, Georgia

3. Gilbert Cole born 8 Feb 1819 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Mary Elizabeth Haynes 21 Dec 1843 Carroll County, Georgia; died 24 Nov 1903 Carroll County, Georgia
4. Male X born about 1820

5. Lucintha D. Cole born 22 Dec 1821; married Joel Tillman Crisp 23 Feb 1825 Carroll County, Georgia; died 1 May 1896 Laurens County, South Carolina

6. Henry Morlan Cole born 2 Nov 1823 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Elenor Ellen Matthews Jan 1850 Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas; died 15 Jan 1905 Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas
7. Briswell Elizabeth Cole 13 Mar 1824; married Sidney D Jackson Wright 23 Feb 1845 Carroll County, Georgia; died 1866 Calhoun County, Alabama

8. Eli Franklin Cole born 6 Jul 1825 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Clementine Burke 20 Dec 1849 Carroll County, Georgia; died 24 Sep 1885 Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas

9. Pinkney B. Cole born about 1827 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Claudia Isadore Hinton 15 Aug 1857 Mayo, Lafayette, Florida; died in Carroll County, Georgia

10. William Avan Cole born 1829 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Martha Elizabeth McLeandon 1854; died 18 May 1862 Lauderdale, Lauderdale, Mississippi.

11. Susannah Cole born about 1830 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Henry Franklin Haynes 27 Sep 1840 in Carroll County, Georgia

12. Seaborn Vandiver Cole born 29 June 1831 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Nancy J. Beall 20 Mar 1851; died 10/16 Jun 1898 Carroll County, Georgia

13. Aaron John Cole 22 Apr 1832 Laurens County, South Carolina; married Rebecca Fielder 13 Nov 1851 Carroll County, Georgia; died 28 May 1902/1906 Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas
14. Jeremiah Martin Cole born 15 Jul 1834 Carroll County, Georgia; married Mattie Elizabeth Johnson 4 Aug 1857 in Carroll County, Georgia; died 24 Aug 1906 Bowdon, Carroll, Georgia

15. Young Alonzo Cole born 28 Sep 1836 Carroll County, Georgia; married Sarah Haskie Stephens about 1867 Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas

16. Mary Ann Cole born 1840 Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia; married Jacob Williams 20 Sep 1860 in Bedford, Tennessee; 

Four of Jeremiah’s Sons
Four of Jeremiah’s children, Henry, Eli Franklin, Young Alonzo and Aaron, moved to Craighead County, Arkansas a short time after the county was established. They were hunters and were pleased with the abundance of game they found in Arkansas. Henry led the way and came first to see what the state held for them. He sent back approval, and Frank and Aaron joined their brother in 1857. Frank and Aaron went back to Georgia to pack up their belongings and families, and took the long way back through Texas to check out that state in 1868. Texas wasn’t their ideal, and since they had found sufficient game in Arkansas, they decided to go back. Their brother Henry had already settled five miles north of Jonesboro, near the Sterling Springs settlement. In the year 1869 Y. A. Cole, the fourth brother, left Georgia and settled near his brother Henry.


  1. I love the names of these people!

  2. What great photos! Oh I feel your pain. When I went through census records, our name was spelled wrong. It made it really difficult to search through databases. Once I discovered the mis-spellings, I was able to search using those names to unlock more doors. It's a journey that never ends, but is so rewarding!

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  4. I love these photos too. I've researched my family back to the 1700's. It's fascinating.

  5. How to live in this world and not leave the system dominate you?

    God Bless You!



  6. Hi, visiting from the A-Z. I like what you have done here with the Coles. You have learned a lot about them have thought about doing something similar. You also might be surprised at someone's response. While researching my Rader family in a history class years back, I discovered one of my professor's ancestors (he was also researching) in an old Tennessee census. We share data....and so the story grows, it seems. Anyway, I keep thinking I need to do a family history blog, but it's in competition with another blog I want to do on gardening....... Oh, I should mention I also write young adult, which I mention at my main blog. Anyway, very nice to meet you!!